Images of Washington Heights

commissioned by
the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs
and the NYC School Construction Authority
under the Percent for Art Program

series of 14 prints
38 x 38" silver gelatin, fiber paper
permanent installation at P.S.4–M,
The Duke Ellington School, 1995
architects: Gruzen Sampton Steinglass

This project reflects the history, aspirations, cultural traditions, and strengths that bind together the community immediately surrounding P.S. 4-M, The Duke Ellington School. The photographs were taken specifically for the installation; they intend to present, in a monumental scale, an alternative vision of the neighborhood, a counterbalance to the negative stereotypes about Washington Heights endlessly reinforced in the media. The scale and location of the images within the school was determined in collaboration with the architect before the building was constructed. Niches were built into the walls to accept the framed photographs, so the glass sits flush with the wall surface. The photographs were taken between 1992 and 1994 and installed in 1995.